Here you can find some reviews from people who already uses Nuggela & Sulé’s products.

It has had an incredible impact on my hair and it no longer falls out!” , “I’m overjoyed! It stimulates hair growth and reduces its loss” , “I notice less hair loss, more volume, and it grows faster” , “My hair stays clean longer than with any other shampoo” or “This is the best shampoo I have ever tried” are just a few examples.


“I’ve had a little bald patch due to stress, and with Nuggela & Sulé anti-hair loss products (ampoules, shampoo, Martinn and the Imperial Supreme Conditioner), I witnessed some big changes. New hair started to grow on my bald patch.

Today, 5 months later, I continue to use Nuggela & Sulé’s products exclusively. My hair stopped falling out, so I’m already using the hair regenerator ampoules. My hair keeps growing more and more every day, especially around my hairline. I have more hair than ever.”

Sara García | Madrid


“Fantastic for my bleached hair”

I’ve heard wonderful things about this shampoo brand, so I decided to give the Nº3 SILVER shampoo a go. I have dyed hair, and I really like how this product work on my hair, not only does it give me softer hair, but its results for boosting my hair colour, is amazing.
Cooper / Amazon Client

“Its 100 times better than other purple shampoos”

I love it. It leaves my hair soft, easy to work with, and with lots of shine. My hair colour looks gorgeous. I had a bit of yellowing at the ends of the hair, but it got rid of it in the first wash.
María Martínez / Amazon Client

“The best shampoo I’ve ever tried”

I have fine and grey hair. This shampoo has been able to provide volume and, since I use it twice a week, my hair has improved a lot and it doesn’t fall out as much. It’s a huge discovery. The shampoo doesn’t produce any lather, so you have to emulsify the product previously with your hands. But, for me, as I have short hair, it is not a problem.
Daniel / Amazon Client

“It delivers what it promises”

You have to apply it twice, previously emulsifying the product with your hands. During the second application, there is a lot more foam. I personally properly massage the scalp and leave it on for a few minutes. I’ve been using it for 2 months, and my hair has grown out quite a bit, and I also have new locks of hair. My hair has a lot of shine, and it doesn’t fall out anymore, therefore I truly believe it works.
M Jesus / Amazon Client
SuprAcondicionador Imperial Nuggela & Sulé 250 ml

“Shampoo and hair conditioner, perfect for hair loss and dandruff”

For me it is paramount the use of the conditioner every time I use the shampoo of the same brand. Apart from the already known anti-hair loss properties that both products have, the conditioner leaves the hair super moldable and soft. I can honestly verify that it stops seasonal hair loss.
Manuela / Amazon Client
SuprAcondicionador Imperial Nuggela & Sulé 250 ml

“The hair really grows. Softens and untangles”

I have fine and curly hair, around half back length, and with little amount of the conditioner is more than enough. You have to leave it on for at least 3 minutes, and it untangles beautifully. I use it along with the shampoo, which doesn’t produce almost any foam, but since I used it for the first time, my hair is completely untangled and with a lot more volume from the roots.
Cristina / Amazon Client
pack anti caída 2 ampollas

“They’re magnificent, my hair is thicker!”

The hair has different texture, thickness, and most importantly, with constancy new hair grows throughout the hairline. I continue to use them. Super easy to apply. Each ampoule can be used twice, well, depending on the amount of hair of each person (I have very little), but they are not expensive in that regard. I WILL CONTINUE USING THEM.
Nuria / Amazon Client

“Excellent, results are visible in a few days”

These ampoules are brilliant and the results are visible in just a few days. I had very poor hair and in little time it got more nourished and stronger. I followed the treatment for two months and I’ve been noticing absolute improvement. I’ll do it again at the start of spring and again in autumn. They are truly amazing and easy to use. 100% recommended!
Esther / Amazon Client

“Amazing discovery”

Months after of having my baby, I seriously suffered from hair loss. I was desperate. So I bought it to give it a try and I absolutely love it! It has a medicinal smell, though it doesn’t smell of onion, it has a more organic smell. I feel I have cleaner and softer hair, hair loss has considerably decreased and it looks like I have new hair!
Client / Amazon

“Brilliant product, hair grows thicker and stronger”

I’ve been using them for a year now, and I’ve noticed my hair improving quite a lot, I can even say that the bald areas are not that bald anymore. Maybe this is because the new grown hair is thicker and stronger. I will continue using them and combining them with the shampoo.
Myriam / Amazon Client
pack anti caída 2 ampollas

“I couldn’t believe it!”

The pack has lasted me about 2 months and a half, and I’m truly surprised. When I brushed my hair, strands of hair fell out, even more so when I washed it and dried it. With these ampoules, maybe a hair fell out, but that’s it! Just one! I couldn’t believe it.
Georgy / Amazon Client
pack 2 ampollas keratina

“Impressive product, the best for damaged hair”

I really like these ampoules, as they repair and seal the ends of the hair very well, and I used to have them really damaged. Also, if you apply them properly, the product lasts more than what people are saying, as it is not necessary to apply them from the root.
Juanan / Amazon Client
south beach hair mask

“Great hair mask, it smells so nice!”

I bought this hair mask for my wife who doesn’t use products with silicones, and she is delighted. She says that its, by far, the best she has ever tried in a very long time… she loves the smell and how soft it leaves her hair.
Borja / Amazon Client

“Hydrated hair and with shine”

Very soft hair, flowy and with no stickiness. Smells amazing. Provides a feeling of hydration and shine that I really like. I totally recommend it.
Ana / Amazon Client

“Super! longer lashes in less than a month”

I had a lash lift done a month ago and I bought this product to prolong the results and see what effect it had on the eyelashes. Super, it keeps them curly, they are long and open. They should have gone back to normal by now, and they are not, thanks to this product.
María / Amazon Client

“I haven’t used other shampoos: 10 of out 10 against seborrheic dermatitis”

I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and my hair grows terribly slow. I knew, since the very first moment I used this shampoo, that it was the one for me: light hair, spotless scalp, and for my surprise, an unusual hair growth, not only in length, but also in quantity. Since the first month of using it, I could clearly see new locks of hair. It is worth every dime of its price.
Client / Amazon