Nuggela & Sulé Imperial Supreme Conditioner

Nuggela & Sulé Imperial Supreme Conditioner

Imperial Supreme Conditioner, 3 more minutes of hair treatment to stimulate hair growth while facilitating combing and providing an Imperial shine. Supreme Conditioner is a new breakthrough in hair care as it offers us a treatment with multiple benefits for our hair in addition to the desired ones:

  • Imperial shine
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Protection of hair keratin
  • Facilitates combing
  • Antioxidant action
  • Strengthening of the hair follicle to provide more volume and vitality

It is important to follow the directions for use, as it should not be considered or treated as a regular conditioner or mask. Due to the active ingredients of its formula, we must let it act both on the scalp, to strengthen the hair follicle, and on the hair, from the root to the ends, to protect and strengthen hair keratin. After 3 minutes of applying, rinse off with plenty of water.



Apply after washing hair (preferably with Nuggela & Sulé Nº1 Premium Shampoo) when well rinsed and still wet, following these steps:

  1. Apply the products on the pal of your hand
  2. Distribute the product evenly between the scalp and hair, from root to tip
  3. Massage with your fingertips (leave on for 3 minutes)
  4. Rinse with plenty of water
  5. It can be applied after each wash

Suitable for all types of hair, especially oily, weak and brittle.
Does not contain Parabens, has a delicious smell of hay and lemon and can be applied after each wash.


Nuggela & Sulé launches the first Supeme Conditioner on the market that not only facilitates styling and protects hair, but also stimulates hair growth.


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