Autumn and Hair Regeneration

Autumn is the time for hair regeneration

Did you know that Autumn is the time to regenerate hair, which then will be the hair we will have throughout the summer? It is Autumn when there is the greatest hair loss and therefore greater hair regeneration. From October to January we can renew up to 12,000 hairs, therefore this is the time to pay most  attention, care and nutrition to our epithelial cells. The objetive is to renew 100% of all lost hair and also to ensure that the growth is strong and healthy. It is in Autumn, when there is the highest hair loss as well as the highest levels of regeneration. Although normally we lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, in Autumn this loss is increased by up to 30%. But it is equally or even more important to stop excessive hair loss by trying to regenerate up to 100% of lost hair. In these months, care, attention and nutrition of the hair follicle are key to working the miracles of the birth of new hair.*

Objective: Regenerate 100% of lost hair

From mid-October up until the end of January, we will have the opportunity to regenerate about 12,000 hairs, or on the contrary lose many of them. If on average our hair grows 1 cm a month, it means that the hair we renew will have a length of 8 cm in the month of August. If the hair has had the right nutrition and sufficient energetic contributions generate an adequate cellular reproduction, it will be healthy, shiny and with wonderful volume. In addition, due to this hair health, there will be less hair loss in the following Autumn, In conclusion, these 12,000 new hairs, plus the health itself, with which the rest continue to grow, will be responsible for covering our scalp this summer, and will give us that aspect of strength, shine and vitality so that our hair is the envy of the summer.

Nuggela & Sulé’s Recommendation

Therefore, we at Nuggela & Sulé recommend an extra nutritional contribution based on food supplements at least during the months of November and December. Although there are many on the market, Nuggela & Sulé’s Martinn supplement is one of the most complete and the first to offer a dual function, both nourishing hair and purifying the body to eliminate waste and toxins. In this way, we ensure the supply of nutrients necessary to feed the epithelial cells and to eliminate toxins, we cleanse the body inside so that the assimilation of nutrients is highly effective.

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