Polynesia-Keratin Premium Shampoo


250ml/8,45 Fl.Oz

– As a thank you for your loyalty, now more than ever, we would want to send you home a gift to make your days a little more enjoyable.
For the purchase of any 250ml Nuggela & Sulé shampoo, you will receive a 50ml South Beach hair mask to experience a soothing capillary SPA in your own home.

Thank you and a big hug from Nuggela & Sulé ♥ –

Nuggela & Sulé Polynesia-Keratin Premium Shampoo

THE FINEST SHAMPOO. It strengthens from the fiber to the hair follicle, improving its vitality inside and out.
Highly recommended after a Keratin, hair Botox or Hyaluronic Acid treatment.

For purchases over 40€, you get the HAIR MIST 53ml free of charge

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