Why do gray hairs appear? How to avoid them

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Gray hairs is a significant symptom of human aging. A good example of that would be if we wanted to characterize an actor as a character of an advanced age, before applying wrinkles, it would be necessary to provide them with while hair. So one of the greatest aesthetic struggles is delaying gray hairs from appearing. How can I avoid them, and if I have them, how can I eliminate them without having to depend on hair dye?

The most common factors that cause gray hairs are stress factors, genetics and aging. However, why do gray hair appear?

As we know, according to different studies, as the one published by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, that the appearance of gray hair is due to lack of energy coming from the hair follicle, in order to separate the molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen generating Hydrogen Peroxide. In other words, the catalase above no longer decomposes the hydrogen peroxide in water and oxygen, and this accumulates in hair follicle bleaching the hair and turning it white.

Therefore now, we can ask two questions.

  • Can we delay gray hairs from appearing?

On one hand, if we keep the hair follicle energetic so that the top of the catalase can decompose this oxygenated water, we will be delaying the appearance of gray hairs. In this aspect, foods, such as quinoa, onion or millet help in this task, or even products, such as Nuggela & Sulé Nº1 Premium Shampoo or Premium Ampoules that contain an active ingredient such as Marine Glycogen, and provide energy with each application to the hair follicle, which also helps to delay gray hairs from appearing.

  • Can we reverse gray hairs?

On the other hand, regarding hair already damaged by gray hairs, if we provide enough energy again so that this extra molecule of oxygen does not accumulate and form hydrogen peroxide, will the hair go back to its natural color? In this regard, Nuggela & Sulé is studying this process with different active ingredients and products. Teresa de la Cierca, one of the most prestigious beauty journalists in Spain, already refers to this in an article published in her beauty blog La Polvera.

Nuggela & Sulé, a leading brand in hair care, is perhaps on the verge of dethroning dyes and launching a magical product that reverses gray hairs. At the moment, which is quite something, we have products such as our Premium Shampoo Nº1 or even the Martinn food supplement that helps to get shiny, healthy hair, with volume and natural color.