Healthy hair with Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1

One of the most effective tricks for maintaining healthy hair is to wash your hair continuously with the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1.

Studies show that spanish women are the europeans with the most damaged hair due to the use of hair dryers and irons. This use is due to the fact that our hair is more brittle than that of our neighbors, and for our benefit, we seek to have smooth and tamed hair.


The problem with overusing hair dryers and irons is that we damage the life of our hair and scalp. Day after day we cause hair weakness, hair loss and lack of shine. Every time we dry our hair with the dryer we are causing an overheating of the scalp, generating an unhealthy inflammation, creating a choking or strangulation acton at the hair root. Due to the asphyxiation action we do not manage to nourish the hair, and we can already imagine the consequences. Lack of food for hair and loss of shine and health.

In order to reduce this effect, and have healthier hair, we propose to wash our hair with Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1. One of the most important properties attributed to it is the benefit in reducing inflammation of the red onion, and one of its greatest benefits is that anti-inflammatory action.

In this way we will help to reduce the harmful effect and we will also benefit so that the hair is nourished better to have that aspect of healthy and shiny hair.



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