Nuggela & Sulé finalist in Cosmetics & Pharmacy Awards

Finalista Premios Cosmética y Farmacia 2015

One of the great surprised of the 2015 Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards was the choice of Nuggela & Sulé and its Premium Shampoo N1 as a finalist along with such prestigious brands as Klorane, Photo and René Furterer. This is already the 10th edition of the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards, awards that are increasingly valuable and have an impact on the cosmetic scene in Spain. And this contest has more value because the winner are voted directly by the pharmacists, so the winner get recognition from both the professional as prescriber and the customer as user, as it is the pharmacist who deals daily with their customers, getting that information on products that work and generate satisfaction or on the contrary to not go further.

Nuggela & Sulé, a worthy winner

Nuggela & Sulé is already a worthy winner or at least you can feel that in the first year it is very difficult to stand out both in the market and in the pharmacy channels and to enter the final of such an important and appreciated contest, therefore it would not be surprising if Nuggela & Sulé was the tenth winner of the Cosmetics & Pharmacy Awards in September, as we know its quality and potential.

Voting in September

Starting from September 1st, like almost every year, there will be a section enabled within the website of the  Correo Farmacéutico (CF) where the pharmacists can vote for their favourites. So you’ve got this month of August to think, test and make a decision. After the apothecary’s final decision, the winners will be announced at a ceremony held in Madrid, where hopefully Nuggela & Sulé and their Premium Shampoo Nº1 will receive the award. Good luck!


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