“Nuggela & Sulé in the top 5” – Moda en las Calles

Nuggela & Sulé is among the top 5 products that have marked a ‘before and after’ in our beauty care routine. In this case, the great revolution in hare care has been marked by Nuggela & Sulé and its already notorious Nº1 Premium Shampoo with onion extract and marine glycogen. In addition to obtaining a spectacular wash, it contains fortifying properties that when applied to hour hair, we gain greater volume and density. From redaction at Moda de las Calle, we more than agree that the great capillary protagonist and one of the best products to have an unbelievable hairdo is the Nuggela & Sulé Nº1 Premium Shampoo. Available in Pharmacies, Drugstores and Herbal shops at an average price of 19.90€. Highly recommended, don’t hesitate to try it.