Nuggela & Sulé – A Success Case in Spain

Success Case Study: Nuggela & Sulé; A shampoo with a cosmeceutical approach built on alternative “natural” based therapies


Nuggela & Sulé caso de éxito en España

Canadian Consumer, a London market research firm, reviews the success of Nuggela & Sulé onion shampoo in one of its reports. The report takes Nuggela & Sulé products as an example and studies the use of natural ingredients as a main objective to offer quality products in the cosmetic market, achieving success both in terms of sales and satisfaction for its users.

The haircare market value in Spain is expected to increase only 6.5% over the period 2016–19, while Europe overall has forecast growth of 7.5% for the same time period. This shows different approaches need to be used by cosmetic companies in order to find some differentiation and success in this highly competitive environment. Companies are thus motivated to adopt new strategies, and the use of nature-inspired formulations, plant-derived ingredients, and “natural” beauty oils is one way to stand out on the shelf, as seen in many shampoo launches in the last year.


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