Get more volume with Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1

One of the great demands of our customers is that they want to get more volume in their hair and is currently getting it with the Premium Shampoo Nº1 of Nuggela & Sulé. If we explain the secret of why, after weeks of using the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1, you notice your hair becoming stronger and more voluminous. The secret lies not in the onion extract but in an active ingredient that provides the Nuggela & Sulé formula, called Glycoenergizer or Marine Glycogen. This active ingredient is extracted from mollusks, specifically from the membrane that closes and opens their shells. Possibly this mollusk is one of the most powerful that exist in nature.


Nuggela & Sulé Marine Glycogen

Marine Glycogen or glucose is one of the most important energy couscous that ur organism possesses at a cellular level. It plays a very important role in the energetic metabolism of cells. It has been shown that glucose is necessary for protein synthesis during hair growth process. For example, glycogen is present both in the walls of the epithelial sheath and especially in its base and presence of glycogen ensures the availability of energy  in the active growth phase of the hair follicle. By all this we mean that glycogen is the source of energy for hair development and growth. Without this contribution of energy hair may not develop at a normal rate of growth, just as its appearance may be fine, brittle, very weak or even cause hair loss problems due to that lack of energy

Crecimiento del cabello
Crecimiento del cabello

Get more volume with the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1

Hair volume solution with Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1. Through he Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1, we provide an extra dose of energy that will make epithelial sheath acquire reserves for protein synthesis during the hair growth process, improving its vitality, generating more volume, stimulating growth and even helping to stop hair loss. The Premium Shampoo Nº1 formula provides many active ingredients, all of which together to improve the appearance of our hair to solve many of the problems we suffer from.

Recommending the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1

Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1 is the first hair treatment in shampoo format and is highly recommended for all hair types and situations. Those who want to improve and have a beautiful, healthy and shiny hair, we recommended it for those who begin to suffer from greasy hair, weak, brittle hair or hair suffering from lack of vitality, or even those who are genetically marked in suffering certain hair problems, Nuggela & Sulé can be a great ally to help delay the appearance of certain problems. Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1, much more than just a shampoo.