Marine Glycogen

Marine Glycogen – Nuggela & Sulé

Glycoenergizer Hair (Marine Glycogen) is a highly purified, glucose-based active ingredient, taken from the membrane of bivalve mollusc shells, one of nature’s strongest muscular systems. The use of this active ingredient ensures availability of energy for the active phase of hair follicle growth, on account of its homology with epidermal glycogen.

Additionally, the Glycoenergizer Hair has a stimulating effect on the capillary follicle growth.

The Importance of Glycogen in the Body

Glucose is the most important carbohydrate fuel in human cells and plays an important role in cell metabolism. Glycogen, a polymer of glucose, is one of the body’s main sources of cellular energy and is stored inside cells.

The Importance of Glycogen for the Hair

Imagen7-228x300Glycogen is present in hair cells and is metabolised in the human hair follicle, predominantly in the epithelial cells of the outer root sheath. It is used as the main source of energy for protein synthesis during the process of hair growth.

Throughout the growth process, the rate of glycogen consumption is twice as fast, thus the presence of glycogen in the epithelial cells ensures the available energy throughout the active phase of hair growth.

Results of this extra energy input

  1. Strengthens hair, giving it more volume
  2. Prevents hair loss
  3. Stimulates hair growth

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