For hundreds of years onion has been one of the most traditional hair remedies, used to treating damaged hair or simply improving it’s appearance. There are many beneficial properties attributed to the onion, such rapid hair growth, elimination of grease, prevention of hair loss and delay in the appearance of grey hairs.

Today, we already know that onion’s attributes mainly due to its two main active ingredients, QUERCETIN and SULPHUR, also known as the beauty mineral.


Dioscorides was a doctor and botanist in Ancient Greece whose magnum opus DE MATERIA MÉDICA> (Latin name for Green word: “medial material”) became the benchmark medicine manual for more than 16 centuries. This work is a treatise which includes information and studies on medicinal plants, animal products and minerals. Dioscorides carried out one of the greatest tasks in research and collection of data to create the best pharmaceutical guide in ancient Greece, translated into multiple languages and widely distributed up to the 16th century. In De Materia Médica, Dioscorides describes the properties of onion and many of its benefits, including hair remedies, “by friction, for bald heads, it provokes the hair quicker than the false sponge”.

JOHN GERARD (London, 1545–1612)

In 1597 John Gerard, English naturist, herbalist and civil surgeon, published Great Herball or General Historie Of Plants a book dedicated to the study and analysis of different plants, where he describes the characteristics of each one of them. It became consolidated as one of the most important and consulted books of its time. In chapter 93, page 171, the author refers to the onionand its properties with the following comment: “the juice of onions anointed upon a bald head in the sun bringeth the hair again very speedily


Currently there is a study published in the  Journal of Dermatology and in PUBLMED carried out by Dr. Sharquie KE where he examines the results of onion juice applied to the scalp of 23 people who had suffered from alopecia areata. Onion juice was applied twice to the scalps of these 23 people twice a day for two months. The participants started to experience hair growth within just two weeks of treatment. After four weeks, hair regeneration was noticed in 17 subjects and in 6 weeks, significant hair growth was evident in 20 people. The study concluded, after examining the results, that the use of onion juice as a homemade natural remedy for people with alopecia areata had a positive effect.


Today, there are many recounts online where many men and women have written about their experience, using onion as an aid to speed up hair growth or eliminate grease or dandruff. These accounts can easily be found on YouTubethe Internetforumsmagazineswebsites where many beauty secrets are published by different high traffic blogs, all showing the benefits of onion for hair, even insisting that if following the treatment, their hair can grow up to 2.5 cm in one month, far above the typical average.



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