Cosmetics with natural ingredients

Cosmetic products containing natural ingredients are a trend. Every day, more and more people are demanding this type of cosmetics to take care of themselves, to the detriment of conventional cosmetics. And so, the natural imposes on all aspects of life betting for a more sustainable world and for more natural and eco-friendly products.

Nuggela & Sulé, ingredientes naturales
Nuggela & Sulé, ingredientes naturales

Natural cosmetics have evolved in order to each a privileged position within the beauty market, becoming synonymous with healthy and sustainable. This type of cosmetics go a step further because while protecting us, they take care of the environment without losing effectiveness.

“Products with natural ingredients have entered the cosmetic market with force since they are an option of respectful personal care with he environment during all its process of elaboration.” “In this case we can say that Nuggela & Sulé develops unique formulas, to achieve excellent products for both men and women who aspire to enhance the beauty of their skin and hair in a natural way,” assures Adolfo Remartínez, founder of Nuggela & Sulé.

Success case

Canadean Consumer, a leading market research firm, has launched a study on Nuggela & Sulé Onion Extract Shampoo. According to the company, this is a product that is revolutionizing the hair care market in Spain. The key to this success lies in two determining factors: on one hand the effectiveness of its formula, not leaving those who use it indifferent and proof of this is the rapid trending that it has had on social media; and on the other hand the increase in popularity towards consumption of natural and sustainable products.

Cosmetics with natural ingredients

Onion, although it is unknown to many, is one of the most popular traditional hair care remedies. It is a vegetable rich in quercetin and sulphur. Quercetin contains properties that help reduce inflammation of the scalp, stimulate blood flow and hair growth. At the same time, sulphur, also known as “the beauty mineral,” has a high antiseptic power and when applied to hair, has the property of effectively eliminating excess grease, bacteria, fungi that are formed with excess dirt or residue (thus it is especially recommended to those who suffer from greasy hair or seborrhea.) Hair will last more clean, longer.

In addition to quercetin and sulphur, the cosmetics firm Nuggela & Sulé provides another equally natural and beneficial active ingredient, Marine Glycogen. This active ingredient is extracted from mollusks, specifically from the membrane that closes and opens their shells. Possibly this mollusk is one of the most powerful that exist in nature.

The Marine Glycogen or Glucose is one of the most important sources of energy that our organism possesses at cellular level and plays a very important role in the energetic metabolism of the cells. Glycogen is the source of energy for hair development and growth. Without this contribution of energy, hair may not develop at a normal growth rate, just as its appearance can be fine, brittle, very weak or even due to that lack of energy, it can cause hair loss issues.

It was not long before specialized press and beauty awards started coming in. Nuggela & Sulé Onion Shampoo Finalist in the 2015 Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards, awards endorsed by the pharmaceutical industry. Finalist in the AR Magazine Beauty Awards, best product of the year according to the Magazine “Moda en las Calles,” as well as for many who use it, it is the best shampoo they have ever tried; this can be read in many publications on the Internet.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

“The name Nuggela & Sulé is a tribute to the Maori God Nga Sulé, whose philosophy focused on respect for nature and the proper use of its resources. As well as the transmission of this knowledge from generation to generation through ancestral spirits. I think that this philosophy, this way of thinking and acting eradicates sustainability and respect for our environment,” Adolfo Remartínez, the founder of Nuggela & Sulé.


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