Nuggela & Sulé, LEADER in the Hair Care Industry

Nuggela & Sulé, is a company dedicated to skin and hair care that stands out in the cosmetic industry for our purpose to recover the most successful traditional remedies used throughout history to prepare high-quality and high-efficiency products.

Nuggela & Sulé is committed to:


Unlike most other products on the market, Nuggela & Sulé bases its formulas on natural and traditional remedies that have proven to be effective over generations, offering, in addition to talent and technological innovation, a line of high-quality products for skin and hair care.

The First Onion Shampoo
One of our most prestigious and well known products by our clients is the Shampoo with Onion Extract (Nº1 Premium Shampoo), which recovers the tradition of using onion as a hair remedy. Due to its active ingredients, it can stimulate hair growth while providing more vitality and shine.


Our commitment to beauty is an important pillar to the company. That is why all the effort and dedication is invested in studies and new formulas to offer our customers the best products to highlight beauty naturally.

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Caring for the environment is part of the essence of the company and that is precisely why Nuggela & Sulé accepts and respects the Ecoembes Integrated Management System (IMS). This system is orientated to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of packaging and waste management produced by the company, which, in collaboration with local entities in the selective gathering of containers, guarantees the final destination of the recovered materials. Nuggela & Sulé supports a long-lasting business model that combines, in the medium and long term, environmental responsibility with economic efficiency and the creation of value for society.

Why the name “Nuggela & Sulé”?

The company takes its name from one of the most important islands in Polynesia “Nga Sulé”, named after the Maori God, which translates “the son of heaven”. Natives worshiped Nga Sulé by respecting and learning from nature. According to the Maori God, wisdom and customs are passed from one generation to another through ancestral spirits, and so neither knowledge nor values ​​are lost.

The Nuggela & Sulé cosmetic line is based on this latter concept of recovering traditional wisdom and natural remedies together with the latest technology, in order to offer high quality products and optimal results for all our customers.

A Success Case in Spain

In February 2016, the prestigious London market research firm Canadean Consumer, made a publication about the success of Nuggela & Sulé in the Spanish market.


Canadean Consumer

Case of Success: Nuggela & Sulé – A shampoo with a cosmeceutical approach built on alternative “natural” based therapies


The haircare market value in Spain is expected to increase only 6.5% over the period 2016–19, while Europe overall has forecast growth of 7.5% for the same time period. This shows different approaches need to be used by cosmetic companies in order to find some differentiation and success in this highly competitive environment. Companies are thus motivated to adopt new strategies, and the use of nature-inspired formulations, plant-derived ingredients, and “natural” beauty oils is one way to stand out on the shelf, as seen in many shampoo launches in the last year.


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