Premium Shampoo Nº1 for hair growth.

Champú Premium Nuggela & Sulé 250 ml y 100 ml formato viaje

When it comes to hair growth is a shampoo with an onion extract really effective for hair growth? It is a question  many of us ask ourselves and we would like to analyze it. We know that hair grows an average of 1 to 1.5 cm per month, under standard conditions, which is not too bad. To give you an idea, if we go a whole year without cutting our hard, it should reach from the forehead to the mouth, more or less, depending on each other.

This could be the key. Possibly due to eating conditions, stress, skin problems and many other factors, hair grows less than average per month. So if we manage to achieve standard conditions or at least improve them, we can get the hair to grow a little faster.

There is an easy analogy, if you water the lawn, add fertilizer and the sun plays its part, the grass will grow faster than if these conditions are worse. The same can happen with the onion shampoo to grow hair, if we improve the survival conditions of hair, it improves its vitality. And how can we improve the conditions for our hair to grow faster? Very easy, the first step is to improve our diet, as hair needs a lot of vitamin B group, vitamin E, zinc for example and we need to nourish our hair if it has these deficiencies. I recommend you to consume beer yeast, wheat germ or sunflower seeds which will help you feed your hair, so that it has strength, like the lawn fertilizer.


The next step is to wash our hair for a month with a Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1. Why this exact shampoo? Because it benefits many aspects to get the best possible conditions for hair to grow and not just with its active ingredients provided by the onion extract but due to much more.

Properties of the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1 with an Onion Extract

Speaking of properties of an onion shampoo to grow hair, it stimulates blood circulation, so the contribution of food and vitamins going to the hair increases. Another property is that the inflammation of the scalp recurs, making sure that the hair doesn’t suffer so much suffocation. And one more, just as important as the previous ones, is the antiseptic effect that the Sulphur of the onion extract has.

The cleaning is more effective, as it removes fungus, bacteria, dirt or residue from the scalp and hair. If we follow these guidelines, at least we will have the normal conditions for hair to grow that average centimeter per month, and if before we grew less, we will be accelerating the growth we had. And if we, with time improve the conditions even more, we can achieve even more hair growth, but we do find out by trying.


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