“I like it a lot, I notice less grease and the hair lasts cleaner much longer.” – Sonia Gil from Mujer Globlal

I am using it and I have noticed that it leaves my hair more thick, my hair is normally very fine and I notice it more full. Another thing that I like very much is that my scalp is grateful for this, the shampoo is free of paragons and sulfates. http://www.mujerglobal.com/belleza/champu-de-cebolla-el-mejor-para-fortalecer-el-cabello-y-potenciar-el-crecimiento/

“A shampoo that favours hair growth.” – Esther García from Loca por los tacones

Typical phrase: “my hair doesn’t grow”, I have said it many times and for that reason I am trying the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1, a shampoo that is becoming very famous, but don’t worry, whoever is afraid of onion smell, don’t be! http://www.locaporlostacones.com/2015/05/un-champu-que-favorece-el-crecimiento.html

Review of the Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1 – Miriam Rico

“Since using it, I have noticed that my hair is stronger and does not fall out as much.” -Miriam Rico from El blog de una principiante. It also leaves me hair soft, shiner and hydrated…I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! An opinion after using the Premium Shampoo Nº1 with an onion extract of Nuggela & Sulé.