Bio-Capigen PT – Nuggela & Sulé

Bio-Capigen PT is a biological, botanical and biotechnological complex designed to reduce hair loss while strengthening it.

It is based on:

  • Sulphur Peptides: Stimulants of protein biosynthesis and regulators of sebaceous secretions, helping to improve the cleanliness of the hair scalp
  • Amino Saccharides: Important precursors for the biosynthesis of fibroblasts
  • Peptides, Amino Acids and Plant Derived Micro-Nutrients: From the soy protein hydrolysis. They provide nutritive elements to hair cells in short-term while improving the cellular metabolism of germ cells in long-term
  • Reserve Carbohydrates: Indispensable source of energy for trichogens and cell activity
  • Group B Vitamins:They increase hair vitality and regulate lipogenesis

Bio-Capigen PT Hair Properties

This powerful cocktail of active ingredients, vitamins and oligoelements provide the following hair properties:

  1. Reduces hair loss while strengthening it:
    • Encourages cellular metabolism
    • Improves the oxygen consumption of hair cells
    • Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp
  2. It enhances the appearance of hair:
    • Reduces the feeling of having oily hair
    • Revitalizes hair fibers
    • Improves the outward appearance of dry and brittle hair
  3. It improves oily scalp while reducing the appearance of dandruff:
    • Induces the dandruff from spreading
    • It soothe itching
    • Regulates sebum secretion

Following an 8 week Bio-Capigen PT treatment and applying it 3 times a week:

  • Has a significant increase in hair density (+8.1%) and its thickness (+23.6%)
  • Consumers notice an increase in the thickness and the amount of hair fibers than before the treatment


The Hair Regenerator by Nuggela & Sulé is a powerful combination of active ingredients, vitamins and micro-nutrients fortified with Andean Maca root, one of nature’s best revitalizers. It stimulates hair growth while increasing its thickness and density up to 30%. One of the main ingredients and also responsible for the brilliant effectiveness of this product, is Bio-Capigen PT.


Available in Pharmacies, Parapharmacies and Organic Shops