Surprising beauty, Nuggela & Sulé Premium Shampoo Nº1

Nuggela & Sulé surprises us with one of the ingredients used in its formula, the red onion extract. You don’t have to worry, the shampoo doesn’t smell like onion. Nuggela & Sulé’s successful shampoo formula features three star ingredients, marine glycogen, dead sea salts and red onion extract. Vanitatis takes us through the properties of this product for hair care.


Onion: although unknown to many, onion is one of the most popular traditional hair care remedies. It is a vegetable rich in quercetina and sulphur. Quercetin reduces inflammation of the scalp, stimulates blood flow and hair growth, and nourishes hair. And sulphur, thanks to its antiseptic power, removes traces of grease from the scalp, and helps to have cleaner and shinier hair.


Sold in Pharmacies, Drugstores and Herbal Shops.