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“My hair stays cleaner longer than any shampoo I have ever used.” – Marta, professional make up artist.

A very small quantity is enough. It immediately foams and rinses very well. It leaves hair clean, it is true that this feeling lasts quite a long time. And it looks vert nice, shiny and healthy.    

The key to success of Nuggela & Sulé

Shampoo with an onion extract is the latest addition in hair care. The first Nuggela & Sulé has been the pioneer, with a product that strengthens and stimulates hair growth. Since its launch, it has been a sale product success, and is recognized by both consumers and professional as one of the best hair care products. In this […]

“It is a hell of a product and that’s what I can say about it” – Lu from Maquiyonkis

I have tried this shampoo and it is the best thing ever, it leaves my hair without needing any other products, that is: I wash my hair with it, I let it dry and the result is wonderful. The hair is perfect: neither frizzy, nor dry, leaves a perfect weight and shine, what else is there […]