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Quinoa, potatoes, tomatoes, maize and chocolate, are all examples of foods native to the Americas. When the Europeans first landed in the Americas they discovered a new world filled with new kinds of food to enrich their native cuisines. 500 years later, these products continue to satisfy palettes across the globe.

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is one such product; a pseudo-cereal grown predominantly in the Andes mountain region, which was greatly undervalued up until a few years ago. Its high nutritional value, on account of its high content of essential amino and fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, have turned it into one of the trendiest food products of the moment.

Quinoa contains more high-quality proteins than any other grain on the market, in addition to healthy minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Due to its vast health-giving properties and benefits, the product, which once formed an integral part of the Inca diet, is commonly referred to today as a “super cereal” or as “the food of astronauts” since it is given to those sent to space. It has therefore been identified as the greatest single source of vegetable protein and one of the most complete and balanced foodstuffs on the planet. Thus, the consumption of quinoa is recommended both to strengthen the body and fight fatigue, and according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the seeds, leaves and stalks of this pseudo-cereal are effective in treating over 22 human diseases and conditions.

Benefits of Quinoa for Hair

Nuggela & Sulé, in line with their innovation culture, has made use of the benefits of this superfood to improve the results of their products. Its high content of essential amino acids make quinoa the best active ingredient to improve hair health.

Quinoa contains 16 amino acids, including lysine, arginine, phenylalanine, methionine, histidine, tryptophan, leucine, valine, isoleucine, alanine and threonine. Meanwhile others which promote hair health include:

  • Methionine, in addition to strengthening nails, is also effective against hair loss. Methionine contains sulphur, which forms chains that intertwine with each other, reproducing what happens in the hair and helping to strengthen its structure. According to a recent study, methionine also helps to combat hair loss(1). In 2006, at a dermatological congress in Florence, the results of a study carried out on patients with hair loss were released.  30 participants took part in said study and they were divided into two groups. One group was administered a preparation of amino acids and vitamin B complex and the other was given a placebo. After 6 months, results showed that the amount of hair in the growth phase was ten per cent higher in the methionine group than in the placebo group(2).
  • Arginine boosts hair growth. In times of difficulty such as illness, stress or aging, arginine levels drop dramatically. In a recent publication, it was shown that the amino acid arginine, as a precursor of nitrogen oxide (NO), is highly effective in terms of hair growth. The vasodilatory effect of arginine promotes hair growth, as the nitrogen oxide opens the potassium channels of the cells, improving the blood supply to the follicle, which in turn stimulates hair growth(3).

Quinoa has other benefits for hair including:


  • It protects and nourishes hair follicles: Quinoa is made up of approximately 15% high quality proteins, and as indicated above, is considered the best of all grains and seeds in the world. Hydrolysed quinoa proteins protect and nourish hair follicles from the inside out.
  • Promotes hair growth: The regular consumption of quinoa gives hair a silky and shiny appearance. Its high protein content provides nourishment for the body’s cells, including hair follicles, which are essential for hair growth. It also plays an essential role in the formation of red blood cells which promote hair growth.
  • Helps to eliminate dandruff: Quinoa contains important minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, which help to lock moisture into the scalp, thus avoiding dryness and scaling, and keeping dandruff at bay.
  • Its high protein content helps to seal split ends. Proteins have the ability to penetrate the hair’s cortex by equalising its porosity and increasing its elasticity.
  • Reduces damage due to tangling: Quinoa is also rich in vitamin E which balances natural oil production, keeping hair well hydrated and thus reducing damage due to tangling.
  • Retains hair’s natural colour: Quinoa contains the amino acid tyrosine, the pigment responsible for skin and hair colour. This stimulates hair re-pigmentation and helps to maintain its natural colour.

Martinn by Nuggela & Sulé

Martinn by Nuggela & Sulé is a high performance nutritional hair supplement containing over 20 active ingredients, which uses quinoa to maximise results.

Martinn de Nuggela & Sulé, complemento alimenticio para el cabello


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