Red Onion Extract


The secret of onion or onion extract as a hair remedy, lies in two of its main ingredients, quercetin and sulphur, also known as the beauty mineral. The onion contains the highest content of quercetin of any plant, perhaps making up 10% of the dry weight of a red onion. It also contains a high percentage of sulphur, also known as the beauty mineral, and is used in beauty creams to improve the appearance of the skin.


Key properties of quercetin for HAIR.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing scalp inflammation and stimulating blood circulation, nourishing hair from the root, and preventing its malnutrition.

Result: Hair is better nourished, improving its appearance, shine and vitality.

SULPHUR (the beauty mineral)

Key properties of SULPHUR for HAIR.

It has antibacterial, anti-seborrheic and detoxifying properties, ideal for the care of hair and scalp. It also removes bacteria, funghi and toxins leaving hair completely clean.

The sulphur also removes and eliminates dead cells deposited on the surface of the scalp, unblocking pores and preventing suffocation of the hair follicles.

Result: More effective cleansing, especially recommended for oily hair.


  1. Reduces scalp inflammation (QUERCETIN)
  2. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp (QUERCETIN)
  3. Cleanses and disinfects hair (SULPHUR)

Nourishes + Cleanses = Beauty


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