Every day, thousands of people take care of their hair using Nuggela & Sulé products, as they stimulate hair growth. Nuggela & Sulé finalist at Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Awards, Best Hair Product by Squire Magazine, success case in Spain (report performed by the prestigious British market research company Canadean Consumer), and succes case of the shampoo that has revolutionized the Sapnish market by Forbes Magazine.


“I’m delighted with the results, it’s made an incredible change to my hair and it doesn’t fall out anymore! I’m not afraid of washing and styling my hair anymore. So thank you for creating such amazing products. I’m really grateful to all of those who have helped people like me to find a solution.”


The hair is one of the most delicate parts of the body and needs maximum cleanliness and care to keep it healthy. 80% of the population suffers from some form of hair problem, and Nuggela & Sulé helps both men and women to resolve them.

Hair care leader

Nuggela & Sulé, a company dedicated to skin and hair care, stands out in the cosmetics industry for their aim of recovering the most successful traditional remedies used throughout history to prepare high-quality and highly-efficient products. Generational efficiency guarantee.

Nuggela & Sulé Finalista Premios Cosmética y Farmacia

Nuggela & Sulé caso de éxito en España

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More than 300.000 units sold
Nuggela & Sulé among the top 5 shampoos sold on Amazon Spain in 2016

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